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Dana Hercbergs, Ph.D.

Focusing, Creativity & Connection


Welcome! I am a Focusing companion who thrives on connecting with people on their journeys and creative processes. I facilitate personal sessions and group workshops on writing, creativity, movement, and life projects.

As an academic folklorist I conducted research on personal and communal narratives in Jerusalem. More recently I've turned to depicting the subtler realms of interpersonal relating (some examples here). I am currently pursuing a clinical MSW degree.

To these endeavors I bring the sensibility of Focusing, a gentle listening approach that allows us to attend to the faintest inner sense of situations and work with our body's knowing to carry forward the next steps that are evolutionary for us. 

Focusing can help to:


* Bring spaciousness and integration to your sense of self and your relationships
​* Deepen meaning and connection amid life transitions
* Expand limiting stories and live in alignment with your values
* Support recovery from physical ailments​

* Gain inspiration for a project

Together we can work with inner conflict, issues that come up in relationships, decision-making processes, and self-doubt, helping to shift areas of life that need a bit of support and kindness. We may use imagery, movement, or objects to identify the threads of your story that seek integration.

I offer affordable sessions in-person in Eugene, Oregon, online or over the phone. Curious to learn more? Click here for further information.

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Assaf, musician

"With Dana there is a very quiet, open, listening quality. It allowed the flow of consciousness and physical sensations to arrive and move in the space of the sessions."

Annie, potter & yoga teacher

"Dana connects with people in a gentle way. I found the session helpful in clarifying my thoughts and feelings. The process through which she led me allowed me to develop mental imagery that has become a part of my vision."

Yael, student

"Focusing reminded me of meditation, which is really good for me. I connected to myself more, I listened to myself, and noticed the dialogues going on inside. My body relaxed. It was a meaningful experience for me - sharing things that I don't usually share!"

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