About Dana

Stillness and creativity nourish me in this life. Listening and observing, I am drawn to people's stories and to the ways we symbolize our experience.

I use Focusing to depict the subtler realms of interpersonal relating (here are some examples).

But beyond words, I value co-presence, relating in a basic and deep way to what connects us all. Nature helps me to nourish this connection.

Me drawing front.jpg

I was trained as a folklorist at the University of Pennsylvania (2009). Researching the personal narratives of Jerusalem's Palestinian and Israeli residents has exposed me to the restorative potential of attentive presence. I have written about these narratives in Overlooking the Border and was interviewed about the book on the Tel Aviv Review podcast.

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These experiences have led me to train in Inner-Relational Focusing, a therapeutic approach of compassionate listening to the body. To ground myself, I walk and spend time in nature, learn about native plants, draw, and dabble in local crafts.


I also practice and teach Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese tradition of gentle movements and stretches for restoring balance and flexibility.


A large Ficus tree on an urban nature tour in Haifa

Education and Qualifications

  • Focusing Oriented Professional, certified by the International Focusing Institute, 2022.


  • Qi Gong Instructor Certification by the Wu Wei School of Qi Gong in Israel, 2019. 

  • Ph.D. in Folklore & Folklife, University of Pennsylvania, 2009.

  • I continue to immerse myself in the philosophy and practice of Focusing, including the creative approach of TAE (Thinking at the Edge) so that I can bring the gifts of learning to others.