Intuitive Movement
Moving with Nature's Energy

I teach movement classes that draw on the practice of qi gong (chi gong) and the deep stretching of yoga.

With gentle movements we move the chi, or life energy in the body, restoring balance & harmony. ​​Yoga lets us massage stiff places, making more space in our spine and joints, and bringing flexibility to our attitudes.

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I currently teach at Willamalane's Adult Activity Center in Springfield, Fridays at 11am-12pm

Each season inspires us with connection to the natural elements.

Benefits of Qi Gong Practice:

  • Improved body awareness in space

  • Balance & confidence in movement

  • Reduced joint pain

  • Clarity of thoughts

  • Moving from the core for minimal effort

  • Supportive, non-competitive environment

  • Calm & a smile on your face


“I love your class, Dana, it is so freeing and energizing. I confess I have tried both Tai Chi and Qi Gong in the past and had difficulty following because the instructors insisted on every movement being in the exactly correct form and I have impaired vision.  You are a love!”

Dee, New York

Available Services

Private Sessions

Group Classes

I give personal sessions starting at $35 per hour on Zoom, or safely in person in Eugene. Packages are available. 

Group classes of at least 3 participants are available at $12 per session. Contact me if you are interested!