Groups & Workshops

I love to facilitate and collaborate on presentations and workshops. I am available for 1 to 2 hour workshops on a variety of topics. Here are some recent topics:

Embodying an Ethics of Care, beginning with our Selves: A Dialogue with Personal and Societal Voices

With Mary Anne Schleinich, FOT

"Embodied Liberation," Third Felt Sense Conference

December 4, 2021

Exercises and discussion to explore how social phenomena like stigma, privilege, separation, and bystander effect can show up as archetypal “partial selves” with unmet relational needs. By engaging in a dialogue with them, we invite them to reveal steps to their own healing. 


Life and Creative Projects Support Group

October-November, 2021

A series of 6 weekly online meetings of 1 hour 30 minutes. Each class involves guided exercises, solo work time, sharing, and supportive feedback, with built-in weekly check-ins with partners.

Communicating the Implicit in Ethnography: Re-embodying Interactions in Our writing

April, 2021
Western States Folklore Society Meeting

In this workshop, we revisit palpable moments in our research encounters and bring them freshly into our writing.

Participants will be invited to explore inner responses to various kinds of materials typically encountered in fieldwork through experiential exercises that invite the felt sense of a situation.