A Path of Deep Relating


Focusing was developed by philosopher & psychotherapist Eugene Gendlin, PhD.
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International Focusing Institute.

Working with Me

Focusing invites a gentle way of being with ourselves and our interactions in the world by attuning to how our body stores emotions, stories, and conflicts.

As I work with you, we open a space to safely look inside: At places in your life and your body that may be tense, or troublesome, or need support to find a way forward - through difficult decisions, interactions, or a project.

Oftentimes, there may be subtle and competing voices. They all want what's best for you, even in their own limited way. Allowing their messages to come through, we ease inner criticism, clarify direction, and hone self-trust.

Together, we create a field for exploring your needs for growth and relating, and bring alignment between the unique organism that is you, and the world

around you.

Two Stones.jpeg

Every journey is unique. My approach is reciprocal and relational. As I companion you, we will practice a kind of spacious interaction that you can take with you to your life and your relationships– to listen inward and be listened to, without interruptions of judgment or advice.

We might incorporate work with objects, images, movements, or whatever modality suits your process.

Available Services

I offer personal sessions by phone or Zoom, or safely in person in Eugene.

Single sessions may be  60 or 75 minutes in length. 

  • 60-minute session: $45

  • 75-minute session: $60

​*A limited number of sliding scale appointments are available.

Please contact me for a free 40 minute consultation to discuss your needs.

If you’d simply like to ask some questions over the phone, I am happy to hear from you!