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Narratives, Communities, & Borders in Jerusalem

I am the author of the ethnography Overlooking the Border: Narratives of divided Jerusalem (2018). It explores the recollections of Israelis and Palestinians who have grown up in Jerusalem over the past century, and contextualizes these amid communal narratives and representations of the city’s history in walking tours, storytelling events, museum exhibits, and architecture.

The lives of Mizrahi Jews living near Jerusalem’s border zone, refugee camp dwellers, well-to-do Palestinians, orthodox Jews, academics, activists, and others  emerge in a web of interwoven local, national, and global contexts that render hegemonic, subversive, and subaltern perspectives.


This is also available as an audio book.

Listen to my interview about my book on TLV1.


Invite me as a speaker or facilitator

I give guest presentations and workshops in universities, classes, and community spaces about these issues:

Embodied ethnographic writing

Focusing & personal narrative writing

​Folklore and Memory

Personal & Communal narratives

I approach these subjects in a nuanced and exploratory way. Participants engage with places and concepts in a direct and meaningful manner, appreciating the inter-connectedness of people, places, and experiences. I invite creative collaboration to generate a purposeful and experiential process.