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Knotty Girl

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A lecture about my research in Jerusalem provoked nervousness when the projector failed. This prompted a Focusing process of reckoning with more helpful, supportive ways of relating and interacting with people. Here are some snippets.


I gave a lecture about my book this week


But the projector failed despite my checking it the day before

The Lecture


I was speaking about borders in Jerusalem and wanted to use maps and pictures


People seemed to tune out and I spoke to fill the space, the words nervously streaming out of me


I wanted the listeners to experience something of what I felt in my encounters


Like the delight of a Palestinian woman demonstrating a childhood game of five stones


Or my wonder at an Iraqi Jewis man's recollection of Passover before 1948, when Arab villagers from Lifta came to exchange their fresh produce for matza


Perhaps I could engage with people in a more direct way

After months of isolation

I wrote this in April 2020, before the vaccines came to the US. I conceived it in Hebrew then added English translation. The direction is right to left.

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Morning focusing session with Hilla

In Hebrew, right to left.

January 2020

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TAE Class Exercise

December, 2021

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